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Wanna know what happened to Toralfs house.?

Back in 2015 the house was still whole,and standing. Sometime after, more and more parts from the corner of the house was disappearing. Nobody knee why, but after a while one found out. Allegedly there was an artist/photographer who had been taking down boards to use them as framework for his pictures.

Toralf House



You’ll have to look long and hard to find a more picturesque house. This house is located in Røst, Lofoten and is only acessible by boat. Maybe thats the reason it has been allowed to stay so untouched.
The story says that Toralf back in 1965 died trying to rescue one of his sheeps who got stuck near the shore. (Probably during bad weather, as Røst is located far out in the sea). He slipped and fell so hard that he passed away. Maybe thats why the cutlery, vitamins and pills where still standing on the table back in 2012. Too risk soo much for a sheep is saying something how hard life back in the days could be and how important your animals were to you.